A Guide for Writing a Flawless Customer Relationship Management Case Study

customer relationship management case study

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Knowing a guide in writing customer relationship management case study is important. A guide will help you on what you need to do and ideas you need to know in order to have the best paper. Get started to know what you must do.

Case Study on Customer Relationship Management Ideas

  • Document template: If you have a template, you have a roadmap in creating your case study. It helps you on how your paper should look and feel.
  • Start with bang: In writing customer relationship case study, you need to use action verbs. You need to present about the benefits of your title and subtitle. Make sure to summarize key points and use bullet points.
  • Organize: Regardless of the length of your case study, you need to organize the problem, solution and benefits. You need to describe the problem or issue. You need to describe solutions and describe how readers benefit from presented solutions.
  • Use general to specific approach: In problem section, you can use a general discussion related to the industry. Then, be sure to describe specific issue or problem. In solution section, use opposite sequence.

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customer relationship management case study

Example of Customer Relationship Management Case Study

Customer relationship management for SME in Cloud

Purpose: To build a guide in getting a clear picture about implementation process of customer relationship management in cloud. It also describes about different concepts, CRM in cloud, cloud computing and insights.

Scientific method: The research lies in interpretative inquiry. Descriptive research approach is used as well as abduction. Abduction is used in combining empirical data to theoretical studies to investigate patterns.

Theoretical frame: This explores existing theories and different means to analyze problems.

Empirical method: The approach chosen is qualitative.

Conclusion: It shows how companies in analyzing how they can draw conclusions on implementation process. On some interviews, it has been advised that it must avoid problems especially on implementation in SMEs.

To present a flawless case study in customer relationship management,  a conflict management case study or a knowledge management case study, you should know the best structure and format you can use. You need to know about the theories and concepts you should apply.

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