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This case study will be using the Everglades as an example of the mismanagement of park practices and the detrimental effects that these management practices can have. The Everglades was once one of the largest and most naturally resplendent places in all of the country, and though in many ways it still is, this beauty has been reduced by the strain of the nearby population and the resources needed to sustain it. For decades the management of the Everglades has been done poorly by redirecting water flows, altering natural cycles, and ultimately changing the Everglades permanently for what was often a short term gain for the nearby population. The many examples of mismanagement permeate into all different aspects of the park and many different agencies and organizations are responsible, including local, federal, and state. Furthermore, even after the problems have been recognized there has been long periods of inactivity and a bureaucratic inability to get things done that has further worsened the situation.

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