Secrets of Writing a Human Resource Management Case Study

human resource management case study

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Writing a human resource management case study is not an easy thing. You need a sufficient time to complete it, but if you are struggling, you can check out the tips to help you. Thinking and writing will be an easy process for you when you know what you will consider.

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Writing Tips for HR Management Case Study

  • Define the task: The first step is reading the instructions in writing your HR management case study. Here is a checklist in defining the task.
  • What is the background of context of your case study? For example, location and type of industry
  • What are the problems? Read your case and make a summary using your own words
  • What instructions and questions given in guiding analysis of problems?
  • What tools you will use?
  • What else you want to know?
  • How your case study will be presented?

human resource management case study

Consider which analysis tools and theories apply to the situation: Your textbooks, readings and course notes must indicate appropriate methodology for your study.

Identify the problems: Identifying the problems is necessary. Read more to know about the company’s history in terms of success and failure, their strengths and weaknesses and much more.

Apply analysis tools: There are numerous tools in analyzing human resources management case study but you need to do some evaluations in which tool applies the best in assessing the problems, risks and issues.

Documents ideas and results: Creating complete notes that will be helpful in writing your case study is necessary. You need to find findings and give your own thoughts.

Example of Human Resource Management Case Study on Rental Company

This engagement involved culture realignment, organizational design as well as identification of good functional relationships for central office and five freestanding facilities. It also implemented key employees’ retention program.

In addition, the company implemented proprietary performance evaluation system known as process evaluations in which:

  • Introduces continue improvement techniques in the evaluation process
  • Made evaluation 99 percent objective
  • Customize evaluation in every position, and
  • Getting rid of traditional performance reviews and poorly defined attributes

Having a wonderful case study is important especially if you want other people to know more about your topic or focus. It is better when you do your best in writing! To get some inspiration before you start, have a look at our tips on writing a performance management case study and supply chain management case study.

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