Secrets of Writing a Successful Operation Management Case Study

operation management case study

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There are a wide variety of writing operation management case study and you need to know about it. If you know the process, you will not have difficulties in writing. Prior to this, you can also do reflective writing assignment to practice. There are steps to follow in writing your case study smoothly.

Tips in Writing Operation Management Case Study PDF

  • Determine which design, type or style is applicable to your audience: In your case study, you need to determine what you will use in terms of concepts, issues and theories. You need to present which information or factors should be ignored and not.
  • Determine your topic: The time you picked your angle, you need to know what will your research should be. To think of a good topic, you can think of any issues you discussed in your class or search the internet.
  • Choose participants: You need to choose the participants you want to interview for your case study. Find those that are knowledgeable, they can be in the company itself but they do not necessary to be on the site because there are people that can actively participate in your study.
  • Draft: make a list of interview questions.
  • Start developing your case study using information you collected: Include 4 sections in your stud: the introduction, background information, presentation of findings and conclusion.

operation management case study

Example of Operation Management Case Study

Product development risks

You have the chance to invest INR 100 billion to help your company in building jet engines. The development span for five years and the final product cost Rs. 500 million and sale potential can reach up to Rs. 2500 billion. The new engine can start right now but if it only qualifies for certification clearing and it meets the America’s Federal Aviation Administration’s or FAA for noise reduction. Also, the certification must also be obtained from India’s Director General of Civil Aviation. If you decide to proceed on the project, you need to determine where new engines must be develop and produced.

To write the best case study on operation management, risk management case study or a case study on strategic management, know where you will start. Researching will be your first step in order to submit a one of a kind case study.

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