Tips for Writing a Strategic Management Case Study with Solution

strategic management case study with solution

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Not all individuals can write an effective strategic management case study with solution and if you are one of them, searching for useful tips and advice from experts of literature review service online will help you a lot. There are many things you need to remember in the writing process.

Tips in Writing Case Study on Strategic Management

In writing a case study, it must have a problem to solve. The paper must have enough details for the readers to understand what the problem is all about. After understanding the case study, the readers should develop solutions that depend on their viewpoint.

  • Library and internet research: You need to read articles related to your case study. There are instances that you find existing problems that needed to be solved and it also helps you to come up with interesting ideas.
  • Contact your subject: When you decided on the issue or situations you will cover, it is important to make appointments with the company and visit the site.
  • Put all details in one place: If you collected all the information you need, you cannot include all of them. You need to separate them depending on its covered and put in one place together.

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Strategic Management Case Study with Solution_

Strategic Management of McDonalds

Problem Identification

The main problem of McDonald’s case is classifying their strategy. In solving the problem, it is essential to determine the business characteristics and chief economic. It is also important to identify the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.


In 2003 sales for consumer food service, it totaled 408 billion dollars. For sandwich segment, the sale is approximately 64 billion and annually, it increases around two percent. Burger King and McDonalds are the most aggressive and earliest hamburger chain.


McDonald should make numerous innovations in satisfying their customers. This is needed to win the competition because a successful innovation will strengthen their market position. For instance, if they feature variety of premium, value and menu offerings, they can deliver their products excellently.

Whether it’s a case study on strategic management, hr management case study or a performance management case study, it must be well written and involve application of concepts, knowledge and heavy research. It must highlight problems in the study you are conducting.

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