Writing a Spectacular Supply Chain Management Case Study

supply chain management case study

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To write a project, a supply chain management case study in particular, there are things that you must know. You should not just start writing without taking into consideration some tips on how you can present paper. With that, read this page carefully.

Tips in Writing Case Study on Supply Chain Management

  • Identifying the problems: This is the most essential section in writing the case study of supply chain management. It is where you identify the major problems in terms of management concepts. You need to be focus on the causes of problems and not only on their symptoms. Make sure to link every problem to theory and evidence. Provide a reference for non-original work.
  • Ordering and presenting details: In writing case study, it requires to have a good structure and presentation. In your case study, you need to cover theories, issues and concepts. You need to provide case evidence as well as your own comments.
  • Structure for case study: You need to have an introduction that identifies the problem. The body, which is divided into two stages: the case evidence and commentary stage. In case evidence stage that you need to introduce evidence illustrating the problem and in the commentary stage, you need to incorporate theory and make comments presented in your interpretation. The conclusion section should wrap up all what you’ve discussed.

Nikon’s Focus on Innovation of Supply Chain – A New Product_

Example of Case Study on Supply Chain Management

Whirlpool’s Challenges: Supply Chain Management

Whirlpool brand is associated to household appliances and deliver a good performance

Consequences of expansion

Because of the crisis that led to lots of problems, it is the reason for company’s business acquisitions and geographic expansion. The supply chain management found that the procedures and systems complex result to difficult track of Whirlpool’s distribution processes and production

Benefits of Standardizing Systems

To avoid problems, the company supply chain management tools massive task is to replace their distribution systems and production scheduling systems with standardized solution. The new system has a platform for inventory planning, deployment planning and scheduling.

If you are looking for tips and an example in writing a supply chain management case study, this page will help you a lot. You can also get some info on a case study format for students and a case study analysis format. Just be sure that you know your topic before you get started on the process.

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