You Should Know These Facts about Writing Knowledge Management Case Study

knowledge management case study

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A knowledge management case study is carried out in examining qualitative performance in research. You need to carry out a study that must be observe, test, examine, read and investigated. It differs from a critique of a research article to a certain extent. Your paper should present practical application.

Tips in Writing Knowledge Management System Case Study: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do not use old data in collecting other case studies
  • Make sure to use the right structure for your case study to be quality. It is essential in creating outline or plan for successful work
  • Do ensure to list facts in order. Writing data and arguments that are not organize is not a good start
  • You need to demonstrate a broad consideration of materials gathered. You also need to show how it is important to your study
  • Making a hurry in writing your case study results to omissions and errors
  • Your paper should be based on investigation, observation, analysis and reporting
  • Do not present an unprepared or rushed writing

knowledge management case study

Example of Knowledge Management Systems in Enhancing Nursing Curriculum

  • Abstract: To gather rapid changes that occurs in health care. This study describes implementation of prototype knowledge management system that is developed by the PETTT.
  • Introduction: Usage of information technology and computer in health continues is increasing as well as the applications of technology in patient education and nursing practice. In this case study, it includes primary role of nurses, creating nursing curricula and teaching strategies.
  • Materials and Methods: The knowledge management system was integrated to Health Sciences and Interprofessional Education. Students convened into small groups creating on-line patient education materials that addressed either Alzheimer’s or Diabetes with the use of dynamic templates.
  • Conceptual Framework: Knowledge Management Systems: The case study is based on oxymoron
  • Results: The knowledge management system give students chance to practice professional communication with the use of medical and correct terminology.
  • Conclusion: The case study shows how knowledge management system amplifies the effect of instruction. The results identified compelling benefits using technology in educational curriculums.

Whether it’s a case study on knowledge management system, an operation management case study or a risk management case study, it must be well researched. A paper with quality information is attention grabbing and satisfying for the readers in giving them what they should know. Start writing your case study now!

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